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Thanks, lots of food for thought there. Some specific responses:
Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Honestly I'd say that, so long as you (rightfully IMO) aren't worried about keeping the races balanced with respect to each other, more races is better than fewer.
This is a very good point. I should say too that my main problem with gnomes and kobolds is their name, and I recognise that they fill niches. Renaming them petty-dwarf and goblin and leaving them otherwise unchanged would be an option (although some tweaking might be good).
Originally Posted by bunnies View Post
However, if the rework involves even more, such as racial abilities, racial specific interactions etc., perhaps you could share your thoughts on what the final state of the rework would look like.
I am certainly playing with this idea. It exists to a small extent now (dwarves having gold-sense, for example), and I had thought of things like some races being better with different kind of melee/missile weapons.

Originally Posted by bunnies View Post
Also, I do have slight issue with Dwarf Int. Perhaps you're taking reference from the Silmarillion and literature, but vast majority of popular media has not been kind to dwarves and their intelligence. Even in Peter Jackson's middle earth movies, the dwarves look like they're there as bumbling comedy relief. From a general populace POV, it might seem... odd for Gimli to have more innate intelligence than Elrond.
I take your point (while noting that we pre-date Mr Jackson ), but would it not be just as odd for Gimli to seem wiser than Elrond? I think the problem here lies in what INT and WIS actually mean. IMHO from a popular culture standpoint intelligence tends to mean being good at anything brain-related (like IQ tests), with the opposite being "dumb" (and hence an object of ridicule). Wisdom doesn't get talked about much, so we don't react as quickly to the idea of Gimli getting +2 to WIS, but Tolkien talks about it much more than he does about intelligence.

As regards dwarves being better as priests than mages, I would tend to think that they'd be better at making flashes and bangs than at having deep spiritual awareness

Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
My personal inclination is usually to focus on the gameplay considerations, with roles 2 and 3 providing flavor but taking a back seat. I know that many people disagree with this approach, and that's ok. But I can outline where the races go considering gameplay.
I find this approach from you incredibly valuable, because I tend to come from the other direction. Interesting ideas on the races - yeeks are a possibility, particularly. Having race activation-like abilities I don't think I'll go to yet, but variants have done it and it is always there as a possibility.

Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
Angband has a lot of monsters that deal 50% of a characters HP or more with a single attack. A lot of monsters can do this, even through resistances. This winds up limiting tactically interesting possibilities. You simply can not afford to interact with more than one monster that can deal 50% of your health in an attack. Currently Angband resolves the problem by giving the player powerful abilities to control the rules of engagement. Teleport, destruction, teleport other, terrain modification, etc. Any rework in monsters should consider serious nerfs to monsters along these lines, to be compensated by nerfs to player escapes, resistances, or boosts to other monster abilities.

Basically if I had to sum up the changes I'd like Angband to be, Angband currently looks like, "I need to do X now or I may die next turn." I'd like it to be "I need to do X now or I may die in 5 turns"
My opinion on this is that the sudden danger and instant escape is a defining feature of Angband gameplay. As a solution to the second half of the game dragging, I prefer the idea (seen in Steamband, for example) that the monsters are getting increasingly dangerous, so you need to go and fight Morgoth before something kills you.
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