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Sil-Q 1.4.1-beta release

There's a new Sil-Q beta release out.

It's got a very substantial overhaul of archery, and things look quite different at fifty feet.

My own runs suggest that archery is still very strong, as long as you don't run out of arrows. Arrow drops should on average give you more non-special arrows and fewer special arrows. (I found out incidentally that the arrow drop code in Sil was always bugged: it wanted to give you low multiples of 12, instead it gave you 2d40 arrows, using the numbers for pieces of mithril.)

So, to roughly fill in some details:

Precision and Flaming Arrows and Rapid Fire are all gone. Poison arrows are rare and few. I haven't restricted bow weight as yet until we see how other changes pan out. The bug where you could smith Poison arrows (+3) has been rectified.

Steady Hands, Dedication, Deadly Hail and Running Shot are in. Arrows of Gondolin and Doriath are now occasionally available. Piercing arrows are more common and easier to smith than Poison ones.

Fifty feet looks somewhat different, with rubble and patches of sunlight. Orcs and undead will avoid passing through sunlight, and the usual Sil light bonuses apply. There's a new enemy too.

Curved swords start equipped.

There are a few new egos and artifacts to discover.

Please have a play and give me some feedback.
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