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Originally Posted by Blinkhog View Post
Hi Q, love your work.

I haven't played enough archery heavy characters to be sure yet but I feel like archery is still not powerful enough to completely forgo melee. That might be by design, but if I'm using archery just as a supplement to melee, there's not much point in buying abilities because the points are better spent elsewhere.
So, this is interesting in its own right, and probably related to playstyle. I think the ladder and July comp have a total of eight Morgoth kills. Three of them are entirely pure archers, and one was not a pure archer but relied on archery to kill Morgoth. A number of the most experienced players have said to me that archery (pre-beta, with Flaming Arrows) is overpowered. This means I haven't been trying to strengthen archery, but rather to spread the power around a bit and weaken it toward the endgame.

Playstyles differ a lot though, and what clicks for one person doesn't necessarily work for another. So it's good for me to know what works for you, and if it's any easier or harder to use for the purposes you'd normally use it for than it was before.

Can I ask what skills you've tried and any thoughts you've had on them?

Originally Posted by Blinkhog View Post
In my playthroughs trying to main archery I've found it begins well but starts to drop off in power around 500-600 feet.
Now this is the kind of point before when people would have been switching to Flaming Arrows, so this is again interesting. Both Flaming Arrows and bows of Slaying have gone, so there is less of a damage ramp-up, and poison arrows are less common, so the old 5d8 or 5d9 arrow before crits is now a thing of the past. I am a little concerned in case I've cut back too much in the late game; it depends how much Dedication, Deadly Hail and Running Shot can compensate for the losses.

Originally Posted by Blinkhog View Post
Re: the changes to 50 ft I haven't found them to have made much of an effect on gameplay, but it is extra flavour which is always good. I like the idea of a sunlight mechanic - maybe this could be worked into other areas of the game somehow (eg staves or blasting upwards with a horn of blasting).
Yes, I didn't want to make 50 ft too challenging, it was more a bid to entice some of the new players who have commented on how spartan the original 50 ft looks. I also would like to find more uses for the sunlight mechanic though it's been harder to consider how it would manifest deeper in the dungeon - perhaps there could be some vaults with sunlight coming through shafts to the surface in the upper levels?
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