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Originally Posted by Quirk View Post
Thanks for the bug reports Jamba!

I suspect in the first case the down stairs are possibly hidden behind some kind of secret door, but if you have a savefile I can take a look into it.
I went back and double checked the limpid potion thing. You only get XP once (from either quaff-ID'ing or staff ID'ing first), but all it looks like is that the staff gives you the option to ID it again after you already quaff-ID it.

For the downstairs not generating, it only happened twice out of maybe fifty runs, and I haven't been able to get it to happen since. I suicided both times out of sheer stubbornness just to see where the staircases were hiding, but I just couldn't find them anywhere. I'll back up a save if it ever happens again, so you can take a look.
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