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Simple formula instead of tables for leveling

Last I checked, Angband uses a table of base experience values for each level. For each of fifty levels, there is an entry.

There are also EXP adjustments for race, class, and current player level...

This is a kludge. Also, on the gameplay side of things, I've noticed it causes a sudden slowdown in leveling after about level 25. I think it would be a good idea to drop the table and use a simple formula. For instance, gain levels when experience exceeds player level + 1, multiplied by the sum of all experience penalties, i.e.

(p_ptr->lev + 1) * p_ptr->expfact

Testing this with a Kobold warrior, it results in slower leveling at the beginning, and faster later on. Perhaps too fast. Maybe linear isn't ideal, and instead there should be an asymptotic relationship between current level and experience required for the next one? What do you think?

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