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New PWMAngband 1.1.10 beta 4 released!

A lot of updates from V. And this fixes special artifacts not being generated due to my stupidity. Changes below:

- Fix 'full' display post Gorged change
- Change the way melee weapon + bow are displayed on character screen: put both to-hit values onto one line and the dam values on another
- Make object and monster flags expandable
- Make Slow Digestion a bit less effective
- Make object name singular when a slay is noticed
- Change description for deep descent from two levels down to five levels down
- Move IM_COLD to monster_base for ghosts (but remove from Green glutton ghost)
- Make inventory listings in the term window terser if there's not much room
- Cure Light Wounds heals 20 points worth of confusion, as per Angband 3.x
- Change back spells from Purifications and Healing to what they were in Angband (Cure Serious Wounds + Cure Mortal Wounds + Healing)
- Lower level and mana cost of Cure Serious Wounds and Cure Mortal Wounds in Purifications and Healing
- Make all high level curing spells cure all status ailments for consistency
- Show quiver slots in inventory again
- Only show fail rates on items when requested if those items have fail rates
- Add back in sounds on monster deaths from spells
- Adjust 'when drunk' to 'when quaffed' for pedants
- Move HTML screenshot code to use native save boxes where available
- Fix a stupid bug that prevented special artifacts from being generated except The Blue Stone 'Toris Mejistos' and The Lost Silmaril of Maglor
- Light description and character dump fixes
- Fix typo that limits boulder damage
- Server crash when polymorphing turns a monster into a mimic and there is no room near the monster location to put the corresponding object
- Combine first two pages of options together, rearrange vaguely thematically (PWMAngband: put all MAngband options on a separate page)
- In character dumps, don't include origin information for non-wearables and don't include flags from the object base
- Fix verb for fired objects
- Allow smaller subwindows (up to a minimum size of 40x12)
- Fix a few analyzer warnings
- Ensure monster death messages to go last, so you don't get "it dies. it moans in pain." type messages
- Don't write blank quiver entries to file
- Exorcise x_file_putf()
- Update inscription documentation; format to 78 col wrapping
- Refactor showing empty slots in equipment display
- Try to move things out of defines.h into more appropriate places, and likewise with util.c
- Fix targetting routines so that if a target is set on a particular grid where a monster is, instead of setting the target to the grid, we set it to the monster
- Update lore system
- Display a "meaner" color when lacking protection from stunning against ice and gravity attacks (lore screen)
- Adjust breath damage (divisor + cap) for polymorphed players to match monster breath damage and boost it a bit
- Refactor fire_breath() and cast_mimic_spell(): use info from the list of monster spell flags instead of hardcoded values
- Nuke obsolete part from constants.h
- Rearrange options menu (tags)
- Make the subwindow inventory display more responsive again to its term size, hiding the weights in small windows
- Universal use command defaults now to inventory
- Move universal use in the roguelike keyset to 'X'
- Fix height/weight display to be in sensible units
- Make the game handle neuter gender better
- Add the latest of Nomad's rooms (we now have 100)
- Roguelike keyset: remove the 'X' swap equipment default keymap
- Update inscription documentation with the '^' inscription
- Update object context menu (ported from Angband 3.x)
- Update copyrights
- Use item tags as labels in get_item()
- Add a new splashscreen
- Remove types.h
- Move more externs into the right header files
- RES_TIME should not protect against DRAIN_LIFE and DRAIN_STAT side-effects, only from DRAIN_ALL (the nastiest effect)

Files updated: client, server and source code.
Files are available for download at the usual location:
PWMAngband variant maintainer - check (or to learn more about this new variant!
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