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pricing on slay ego weapons

Hi, started a new version of angband, a nightly build posted on the 29th, my dwarven rogue found a dagger (+3+3) SD on dungeon level 1, but it only sold for about 120 gold. Now later I killed farmer maggot and picked up a
mace (+1+3) it sold for about 400 gold. I would have figured a slay's branded weapon to be worth more, or is it now figured on item type instead? My dwarf's charisma was at 6 on both occasions.

One more thing of note, first game my dwarf got killed on first trip to the dungeon, he had 2 torches started out with, wielding 1 of those, and the other in his pack, after he got killed he restarted back on town level, (cheat mode, no death). He now had 2 torches in his backpack and was still wielding the 1 he had in his equipment list. He gained an extra torch by dying.
let me try this workaround...oh crap computer just went black
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