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Firstly, thank you for all your work on the Mac port! I look forward to updating the Sil Mac port to reflect most of the changes when I can work out how...

I am less sure about multiple characters of text per tile space. Someone more familiar with the UI code than I may be able to comment on that.
If you look at the linked image above, it has 64x64 tiles and each character of text is much smaller than that. I think each character is a 6th of a tile wide and a 3rd of a tile tall. This seems like the best of both worlds to me. In previous versions with tiles, I thought that there was always too much black space between characters. I also now realise that one would rarely like the tiles to be much bigger than this (unless that is through super hi-res displays...) so my ideal sizes are probably 32x32, 48x48, 64x64.

If you are playing with tiles, then it seems that the Windows/Linux way is markedly superior to the current Mac way. Text only modes might reverse this though, so one needs to bear both in mind.
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