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Originally Posted by Rowan View Post
Hahaha, I'm trying to remember what you might be talking about.
I'd guess that it at least involves the axlotl tanks and Bene Gesserit muscle control.
How so formulaic?
From what I can recall, it just felt like the plot went along exactly as you would expect, and with the exception of the Shrine's state upon their return, what few things there were that could've been surprising were foreshadowed too heavily (although I might be keying in too much on Gandalf's attitude towards Gollum in the early parts and Wormtongue being Obviously Evil from the moment he's introduced as some ruler's adviser or whatever).

Honestly, it's not something that I'd normally consider to be a major flaw (the formula works for a reason, after all), but combined with not finding any of the characters compelling and getting bored with Sauron's apparent lack of actually doing anything, it's just one more thing that I disliked about LotR. I could just as easily say that most of the parts of The Silmarillion are formulaic, too, but they've got enough other things going for them that I can forgive that.
Originally Posted by Nick View Post
It's just like a lot of the fantasy that succeeded it
For sure, the wide spread influence that LotR had on fictional media as a whole and the medieval high fantasy genre in particular has lead to a bit of a Seinfeld Is Unfunny situation. I don't know that that's the whole of it, though, because LotR was one of the earliest works in that genre that I'd read (mostly read a lot of Fred Saberhagen's non-Berserker books and some R.A. Salvatore before it).
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