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Originally Posted by Gwarl View Post
I'm compiling the lastest release now for a test run - can I request that the git contain a version file, as the makefile seems happier when it gets one?

Also, this build tells me I'm missing libpng12.dll, an error I haven't had before, using windows 10. Easily fixed but I thought I'd make a note.

Finally, the build didn't make save and score folders, and I had to add them manually to make it run, but to be fair this is probably due to using --with-no-install and building in minGW.
There is a in the scripts directory. Which makefile are you using? I use
MINGW=yes make -f
from src when building on MinGW if that helps. Also you can check the buildbot page (I assume you can see that) to see how the autobuilds work.
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