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Well, what I'm looking to do is basically like this (I think I'm definitely going for Zangband):

1) Overhaul alot of the numbers for Races and Classes (I feel some classes are too weak others too easy, while some of the races are overpowered others next to worthless and others barely played).

1a) Also considering adding a new class or two (Archer comes to mind, as the bow equivalent of a warrior). Also was thinking Archmage (able to use 3 schools of magic but can only use the first 3 books in each, OR as an alternative to that, maybe one primary realm with 4 books, a secondary with 3, and a teritary with 2).

2) Clean up the spellbooks. I think its absurd that there is a spell learnable at level 2 in the 3rd sorcery book for a high mage, or learnable at level 5 in the 4th life spell book for a priest. Some spells also are underpowered for where they are (dark bolt in particular comes to mind, its in the 3rd death book and is WEAKER than nether bolt which is in the 2nd book....and to top that off, sometimes nether bolt is available earlier and cheaper!) Other spells just don't seem to have enough punch (Nature's Wrath comes to mind).

3) Sift through the monsters, and try to balance depth and other stats.

4) Sift through the weapons and armor and other items, and try to make them more useful (alot of weapons and armor in particular are absolutely WORTHLESS to use).

5) Increase the challenge (certain items would be rarer or found only at lower depths, like I think the stat potions being heavily available in the 30's and 40's is too much). Later monsters would be more powerful. With this in mind, some spells will be upped and Warriors, Monks and Rogues in particular would be given boosts. From what I've read and observed myself, Zangband can be difficult early on (especially for spell-reliant classes) but gets easier in the end (globe of invulnerability, hellfire, call the void, +50 speed, etc.).

5a) Also looking at possible ways to speed up the game some too (it does take a long time to descend the levels, especially for newer players).

I'm certainly open to more suggestions. Just keep in mind that until I get my feet wet with the code and how everything works, most of what would be changed is numbers, and stuff added would be "copies and changes" of what's already there (like a new class).
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