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I'm still working on the Prompt rewrite, and some discussion with some friends of mine yesterday convinced me I wasn't quite on the right track even with the new it''s gonna be a bit before this is done.

In the meantime, I had an idea for tweaking how Hallucination works. Right now it'd just be a display layer hack, where each tile would have a small random chance of being replaced by a random tile. Instead, I thought it'd be neat to occasionally spawn hallucinatory monsters and items (in the same manner that normal monsters and items are spawned). These things would last until hallucination ran out or you tried to interact with them; they'd be spawned as if they were native to a significantly deeper depth than usual; most importantly, hallucination itself would be an invisible ailment (you wouldn't be told that you were hallucinating) with a long timeout. Of course all the monsters could do is move -- no melee or ranged abilities.

You could also double up on pack monsters that already exist, mixing in hallucinatory ones with the real ones. Fortunately, Pyrel is already capable of handling multiple monsters on the same tile, so other monsters wouldn't have to worry about the fact that the hallucinatory ones don't actually exist.

So eating a Mushroom of Emergency, say, would work better in the short term, but you'd spend a looooong time wondering if those nasty out-of-depth monsters you detected around the corner are real or not, or if it's really worth chasing after that unidentified ring you spotted in a vault.
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