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Okay, the Prompt rewrite is done. This turned out to be a bigger hassle than I'd anticipated, but as a pleasant side-benefit, the UI (that is, input to the program, and output to the screen/speakers/etc.) is now basically completely decoupled from the game engine. So if someone wants to make a Qt front-end, or make the game run on Android or whatever, all they have to do is make a new UI layer (the wxWidgets-based one is 418 lines long at the moment), and change one line early in program execution from "gui.setUIMode(gui.WX)" to "gui.setUIMode(gui.ANDROID)", etc.

Also, I wrote a basic Look command, which was the thing that got this all started in the first place.

It doesn't jump to the closest interesting tile yet, and it doesn't let you actually target a tile/creature, but at least you can look at things!

Oh, and monsters are killable now, which means that you can actually extinct unique "races", preventing them from being generated ever again. So I suppose the game is technically winnable, if you feel like wandering down ~100 dungeon levels to find Morgoth and then poking him to death with whatever the best-dice weapon you can find is, one blow at a time, while he wanders at complete random. Not that the game will recognize your accomplishment...
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