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Welcome back! One of the great things about Angband, I think, is that it is always being developed, and that with the input of the community. Though Nick does wield ultimate and omnipotent power.

Stat drains will be returned to normal once any of the following occur: (1) @ moves up to the next experience level; (2) @ quaffs a stat-swap potion for the drained stat (returns stat to normal, adds to the stat while taking away from another stat); (3) @ quaffs a stat gain potion for the drained stat (returns stat to normal and adds to the stat); (4) @ eats a mushroom of vigor; (5) restore stat either with a rod of restoration or the priestly spell of restoration.

As for nexus swap. I don't remember whether it is in the current version or in the nightlies, but, if I recall correctly, at some point the nexus swap was changed to a timed effect that would eventually fade. I could be wrong about this.
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