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Originally Posted by arturolorioli View Post
First thing, the warmest hello to all the forum members and thanks for all the much interesting material you have posted.

I'va played Angband for several years, using an old 3.0.6 version. After a lapse of almost 2 years I started again to play, searched for new versions and found the 3.2.0.

But unfortunately the 3.2.0 version doesn't seems able to load my Level 47 character. Is some sort of upgrade necessary to play 3.2.0 with 3.0.6 characters? Or is it impossible? Or is it very simple, and I am just doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance for the assistance, and happy gaming

Arturo Filippo Lorioli
(Roma - Italy)
Welcome. I'm afraid I have bad news for you: there was a break in savefile compatibility in between 3.0.6 and 3.2.0. Possibly more than one, in fact. This means you cannot convert that savefile to 3.2.0, and need to finish your game in an older version (I think 3.0.8 or 3.0.9 may work but not sure).

The good news is that this won't happen in future. Savegames from 3.1.1 onwards should load correctly into any future version ...
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