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Originally Posted by Timo Pietilš View Post
Between 3.2 and 3.<something-development> has change in PVAL -handling (multiple PVAL:s). I suspect that that again broke the savefile compatibility. I also guess that removing special artifacts completely causes havoc if you already have one and its base item gets removed.
Dealing with those in reverse order:

- as long as the base object exists in object.txt, the fact that it can no longer be generated is fine. Commenting out the base items would cause a crash, but it's perfectly safe to leave them in and simply not create any artifacts based on them.

- quite a lot of work has gone in to making sure that old savefiles from before multiple pvals will work properly in new versions. Once 3.3.0 comes out, I'll be looking very carefully at any bugs reported on this - and there *will* be a 3.3.1 which will fix them.
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