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My $0.02:

Originally Posted by ranger jeff View Post
Yeah what the shit with the whispering shadows?!?
Yeah; it took me far too many deaths to realize you just have to stay away from them. If there seem to be only one or two, or if you can still see them, its probably ok to try and clear them out. But if they've had time to multiply, just write it off and leave. Fortunately, they don't open doors, so you can usually contain the infestation.

Smithing - 2 for weapons only, though it seems like 4 for jewelry might be good, or that nothing and save the xp might be better, not sure
If you're going with a Feanor starting character, I would definitely take Weaponsmithing rather than nothing. It's only 300 exp. Make a longbow, a mattock, and some arrows at the first forge, and use any other forges you run across to make more arrows as needed. Taking Jewelry is not bad, but most of the useful things to smith require a higher smithing investment than just the 4 points you need to take Jewelery, so I don't go that route. Unless I find an enchanted forge and some mithril (as in my first competition char).

Archery - 7 for Flame Arrows is a huge damage boost in mid-levels. Heck will all that Dex this character might make an archer all the way! Or at least get Precision and/or Crippling shot? Or again, nothing, save the xp?
With any of the Noldor, I'd go with at least Flaming Arrows. The ability is free, and the 7 skill points is 2800 xp. Certainly not free, but not very expensive. And with the way archery works, 7 skill plus the Dex plus the affinity bonus is enough to hit most targets most of the time. And coupled with forging arrows, you can generally use it pretty liberally.

Perception - 7 for Greater Lore, because I know nothing about this Sil, but actually, it may not be a bad idea even if I were a Sil veteran, just so nice to have everything identified.
I almost always take Loremaster. It's useful to have at least some perception so you don't run into quite as many traps. And it's hard to find hidden doors and open chests without it. Just be sure to use the Secret Tech and drop a lamp on the floor first. Also, I find that with 7 Perception and Keen Senses, I don't need a True Sight item, which helps a lot with the equipment choices (e.g. I can wield a lamp of Brightness and a helm of Defiance). I think that Loremaster also gives you full monster information, which can be good to know.

All the dark stuff, is this another reason to take Smithing to forge lamps? I've taken Inner Light, but it doesn't help that much by itself. And Rauko seriously piss me off. Rauko Bane? !True Sight are few and far between, Keen Senses helps a little, SI didn't seem to do much.
True Sight, Keen Senses, and See Invisible do NOT help against Dark. The monsters are not invisible. Listen can help some. The best is to get a Feanorian lamp of brightness. Preferably two of them, so you can drop one on the floor in addition to the one you wield. Barring that, I find the Song of the Trees is usually a better investment than Inner Light. Running away is also good. And dying is always an option (see my first competition char for example).

I'm also tempted to build towards whirlwind+crowd fighting, opportunist, controlled retreat, flanking, follow through, riposte, etc. The extra attacks, with Song of Slaying, could produce some incredible bonuses, I'd guess.
I don't like Whirlwind, since the restrictions on using it dictate that you fight in the middle of a room surrounded by enemies, which seems like a very bad idea on the face of it. Ditto with Crowd Fighting: why would I deliberately fight in a crowd? Herbs of Rage are a better choice for those times when you need to do it. I generally only take Crowd Fighting because it is a pre-requiste for Exchange Places, which is a great skill for getting out of some very bad situations. The other abilities are a matter of style and choice. Individually each is good; all of them would be mighty expensive.

Rest of the build:
20 Melee
20 Evasion
7 Stealth for Opportunist
12 Song for Sharpness for the Silmaril (Sond of Weaving, too?)
12 Will for 1d2 Hardiness and Constitution
Rapid Attack and Momentum towards Morgoth and the climb out
Note you only need 6 Stealth for Opportunist (7 for Exchange Places), and only 10 Song for Sharpness (12 for Woven Themes). Personally, I don't find Woven Themes to be worth the cost, at least not for a combat character. For a Song heavy pacifist character it might be different. And I personally don't favor the Con point in Will. I used to do it a lot, but it's just too dang expensive for me.

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