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Cool Impressions on first time back to Angband since 2.8.3

So I haven't played Angband since winning with a cheesy orb of invulnerability Mage on v2.8.3, probably in the late 90s or early 2000s.

Firstly I have to say that the game feels way way more fleshed out and multi-dimensional. I can smell the influence of variants all over the place, very tastefully blended into modern vanilla angband. The very early game seems slightly more forgiving than 2.8.3 (which was brutal). I'm playing without WoR, and I find that a much larger range of items are regularly useful. There are many clever ways to escape battles, where in 2.8.3 it was pretty much just teleport or phase door. I love rune ID. The quantity of essentials (food, light, phase door scrolls, healing, etc) dropped in the dungeon seems well balanced to make this Ironman style playable.

I'm playing a high-elf rogue in V 4.2.1. I've reached character level 27, and have found Forasgil and the beaked axe of Theoden (which by 2.8.3 standards seems extemely lucky -- though prior to the Forasgil find I was starved of any nice gear, and Free Action took a while to appear).

So a question to more experienced folks. I am inclined to leave Theoden on the floor of the dungeon, because it does half the damage of Forasgil (I am pre- stat-gain). But will I regret this post stat-gain? It is heavy and makes me -1 speed...
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