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People are welcome to fork FrogComposband and create their own variants if they feel they can do a better job than me

Usually, though, I end up erring on the side of adding popularly requested options even if I don't agree with them personally; like the easy_damage option; people had to yell at me and get emotional at me a lot before I added it, but I did add it. FrogComposband is a big tent variant and its players don't have to agree with my personal views on everything. That's why options exist.

But there are a few things that I'm particularly reluctant to add. The first is any option (or any other modification) that makes the game radically easier. When people win, they need to feel like a winner and know they beat the game legitimately, and not because they turned on some option that essentially amounts to cheat-mode. The other is monsters, game mechanics etc. (but not necessarily options - options are the player's own choice, they know what they're getting into) that increase the chance of unfair deaths the player could do nothing about (and monsters of this type could also fall into the first category if they got mimicked or possessed...)

I'm fully embracing the bat-shit craziness of the PosChengband lineage, but I will readily admit I'm not embracing its unbalancedness. There is space in the options, certainly, for things that change the balance, even dramatically; but if you want a complete lack of it, try Composband


And like I said, it's a different game now. If I just straight-up ported the old code for those options, they wouldn't play the same way anymore. If I want to make those options play the way they did then, I'll have to make further modifications - and know what it is that people liked about the way those options played then.
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