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Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
Swap the Chaos male for Thalkettoth. You need any speed you can get. Disenchanting and Chaos breathing monsters are rare enough that you can avoid them, and they can't breathe enough to insta-kill you.

Raal's is useless for a Ranger, probably shouldn't bother with it.

You need to get your speed up and you need rconf (and also rblind). Not having Rconf can get you killed. (watch out for titans) Keeping thengel as a swap is a good idea.

You should be killing everything with arrows. Keep an eye out for Tenser's, it's a game changer and with the branded missiles and 4 shots per turn rangers are a powerhouse.

Tenser's is native to dlevel 80 (i think) and that's about where speed rings are. My advice would be to drop down to that level and look for both of them. It's not that much more dangerous than where you currently are. Keep yourself hasted at all times. You have enough HP to not be instakilled by anything if you don't get double moved, but still don't fight anything you don't recognize.

As far as Destruction goes. It is probably the most powerful escape in the game. It will remove all monsters (including uniques) and non-artifact items from a 20 square radius, and mess up all the walls. You can use it to remove monsters from vaults and loot the artifacts if you choose, but some people look down at that tactic. You should definitely carry around any staves of destruction that you find and save the scrolls at home. Those are useful against Sauron/Morgoth who drain charges.

Scrolls of teleport level or deep descent are better than scrolls of teleportation for escapes since you are guaranteed first turn on a new level.
Hmm, I actual get some use out of raal's not much but it doesn't hurt to carry it.

I've tried to just kill things with arrows but two things that seem to happen when I do that to the more powerful monsters is 1. they tend to summon more stuff 2.They use their distance attacks which tend to get my potions,arrows and scrolls. However slay arrows do tend to work better and if I can find a better bow I'm sure that will also help.

Well I did come a cross a titan that confused me, but lucky for me I had thengels handy. I did however switch my armor out and I do agree that you can avoid Chaos breathers. Down to 59....I've just been looking out for the exits pretty much and buffing before I enter the level. Shield, resistance and haste self go along way.

Thanks for the good advice!
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