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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
To my knowledge, the only part of monster AI currently that depends on distance is that if a monster chooses not to use a spell/special ability, if they aren't in melee range they will spend the turn moving towards you, while if they are in melee range they will simply attack you. Distance does not affect whether or not monsters choose to use their spells or special abilities, and thus does not affect whether or not your consumables get destroyed. Actually, if anything, staying out of melee range will protect your consumables from monsters with elemental melee attacks.

That said, if a monster summons at range, you may well become unable to hit them with ranged attacks because of newly-created monsters that are in the way. This isn't a problem in melee range.
This is funny because I just met up with Saruman on 60. I was able to create an ASC and I started to melee him. It looked like might have been able to take him out, but he teleported me away. At which point I killed a bunch of half trolls hoping for a healing potion. Which I did get and then I bailed. But I'll consider using more distance attacks in the future.

Thanks again.
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