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Lighting issues

No idea what to do about this. I've copy-pasted the code from V and I don't understand why lighting was changed. Feels so weird.

I don't see anywhere in the code where LIGHTING_DARK is used. Old dark grids are now "lit". Old grids in los are now "lit". Old lit grids now use "los". What a mess...

This should be clarified I think. If using ASCII, "torch" is the brightest tone. Then "los" and "lit". "Dark" should be removed. When using tilesets, shaded tiles should be remapped: currently "torch" and "los" are mapped to the same tile (brightest), while "lit" is mapped to the intermediate tile and "dark" to the darkest. If we want to stay coherent with ASCII, "torch" should be tile 1, "los" should be tile 2 and "lit" should be tile 3.
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