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Originally Posted by Tulip View Post
Could you consider buffing death swords? Perhaps give them retaliation or more AC.

I tried playing a few of them, and it felt incredibly unrewarding, especially when the bars one must reach to acquire effects raises with each evolution

I also noticed that when one becomes disenchanted, that the bars to acquire the next +hit +dam do not change. Eg: if I were +8 +8 and went to +0 +0, the bar does not change to go from +0 -> +1, it stays at the bar required to reach +8 -> +9. Is this intentional? It's quite annoying when you're kept at low enchantment levels due to an unfortunate run-in with a disenchanter.
I think the deal with these is that they're super crap until you grind forever, and then they're insane. Not something I'd want to play, but I imagine there's an audience for it.
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