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Moria was a rudimentary game by today's standards, but boy was it fun back in the days. The first games I did not even know what word of recall does. I just dived and died everytime.

I obviously never reached the Balrog, never even got close. The game was just something different in the dawn of 90's. I believe my only deep character was killed by an Iridescent Beetle. Later I heard there was a term in roguelikes called 'chain paralysis'

Finding a Westernesse weapon for the first time was something awesome. Back then I mostly had only played old NetHack. You know, the version which had The Three Stooges and instadeath hell without fire resistance. I had absolutely no idea what Westernesse meant other than the word 'west' in it. Screw the semantics, it kicked ass.

Without Moria, I CERTAINLY would not be writing this wall of memories.
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