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Originally Posted by Voovus View Post
+ Asymmetric LoS - creates interesting tactical options, though overpowered as it stands (maybe due to abundance of Stone-to-Mud).
To me it's one of the biggest mistakes of the game. It may be interesting but as you say too easy to abuse. Even without stm and runes of protection.

Originally Posted by archolewa View Post
The fact that people hardly ever use ego weapons seems to support the idea that artifact weapons render ego weapons mostly superfluous. The only time Ive ever used an ego weapon is at the very end if I find a Mace of Disruption with a good ego.
Early defender with good stealth bonus is very good for mages (and probably also for some other classes). Any ego that gives FA or SI can be useful as well. I had game where my only source of SI was a cursed cloak even below DL 50. And in 4.1.3 i rarely had SI in dread depth which was a pain. But I agree that egos could be more useful.
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