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In my personal opinion i agree mostly with all your first post, but particularly with

- Adventure feeling - I found that Moria had more of an adventure feeling to it than Angband; not sure why precisely.
Because one of the main reasons i always come back to playing Umoria, is because of that, and also about the feeling of simplicity of the overall game, which sometimes i love after some time playing Angband or Frogcomposband... Umoria is, in my opinion, WAY HARDER to progress, and having fewer QoL features and kind of less information about your items and monsters, I think that and also the 'no colors' ascii helps with the darker or adventure atmosphere of the game compared to Angband and Frog, playing Umoria I feel that even the simplest monsters can kill me because i dont even know how much life they still have after every blow, also the gold pickups are waaaay less frequent, in some games i didn't have any gold left for purchasing anything after a few levels in Umoria, but in Angband gold was never a problem.

I killed the 'Balrog of Moria' two or three times in Angband, but never went below DLVL 10 in Umoria i think
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