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Originally Posted by archolewa View Post
This I would totally be down with. That or just giving them a better blows table. They are a hybrid class, I feel like they should be better at melee. I think you could give them the same blows table as the paladin without losing anything. A paladins healing still means they are better in melee than a Ranger. But this way Rangers actually have some means of offense wothout having to recall to buy more arrows every other floor. Or give them a table that is generous early, but much more stingy later. So by the midgame they are lagging hard behind warriors in melee, but in the early game they arent a priest without any healing spells.
The blows calculation doesn’t work like that. Except by capping the maximum number of blows, you can’t make a class get extra blows early and not still be good later.
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