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Originally Posted by archolewa View Post
I still havent won with a mage.

Regardless, congratulations! That first win is something special.
this is what you do to win with mage.

Get a mage to DL35/40.
Pump him full of stat potions.
2x rings of Escaping
stash all the !Enlight and ?DD you find.

when you get to CL35 circa (10% TO fail or lower) read all the scrolls of DD you have and get to DL96+, find stairs and keep scumming until you get a LF 8.

use !Enlightment and look for a Kelek's. Teleport away everything that stands between you and Keleks.

Learn banish. Banish everything and pick up gear.
Drink potions of !Exp

Once you are CL50 find morgoth and mana storm him into nothingness.
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