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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
this is what you do to win with mage.

Get a mage to DL35/40.
Pump him full of stat potions.
2x rings of Escaping
stash all the !Enlight and ?DD you find.

when you get to CL35 circa (10% TO fail or lower) read all the scrolls of DD you have and get to DL96+, find stairs and keep scumming until you get a LF 8.

use !Enlightment and look for a Kelek's. Teleport away everything that stands between you and Keleks.

Learn banish. Banish everything and pick up gear.
Drink potions of !Exp

Once you are CL50 find morgoth and mana storm him into nothingness.
That sounds like a cool speedrunning/powerdiving strategy! My playthrough was much less interesting, though. I made decent progress through the dungeon until I hit points that I felt I needed better gear/certain resists in order to survive, say, a surprise capped poison breath. Reveal Monsters/Detection and Teleport Other helped to mitigate such risks, but I still didn't want to take any chances.

When I got Wizard's Tome of Power, I just started spamming Banishment and Mass Banishment to get rid of the non-uniques that I didn't want to deal with, and only engaged Uniques that I felt I could take on. At DL97 and DL98, I just started grinding those, getting experience and extra consumables along the way, hoping to find an artifact that had all resists on it (namely Bladeturner) so that I could resist anything that Morgoth could throw at me.

I never found Bladeturner, but I did find The One Ring, which was close enough for my purposes. After tens of thousands of turns later of searching and a near death experience with some dragon that nearly one shot me, I finally decided to just face Sauron and Morgoth. In retrospect, they were surprisingly easy. The gear I used covered resists nicely while supplying the status protections I cared about. The summons were no issue because of the whole Banishment/Mass Banishment thing, as well as the fact that I offed all the other uniques beforehand.

I think, in the future, I'll play another High-Elf Mage and see how well the powerdiving strategy works.
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