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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
So, i've not posted much in a while, this is for a twofold reason;

1. i died a lot. I've died so many times, it's beyond stupid. Dying to molds, dying to death knights, dying to priests, dying to bats. I even lost a CL26 character because i've been preoccupied by work and don't have the attention i normally do.
I have a work laptop next to my main PC, and when i'm at "work" i'm basically 90% of the time on Angband, with only occasionally being taken by a call or reading an email - work isn't particularly hard.

2. these last 2 weeks work has been INSANE. For the love of everything holy, do not go on holiday in Mallorca, Ibiza, or really in any major hotel/resort.
We are hammered non-stop by delta-COVID infections, even in people with 2x vaccinations.

I really take seriously the idea to not "politicize" or otherwise bring real life onto the internet, but please, do not go on holiday in any major tourist destination.
If you want to travel, take a AirBnB in a small city. Don't go to resorts, stay away from buffet lunches, do not use swimming pools.
Use a mask if you are in a group of people (e.g. public bus).
And get vaccinated if you at all have the abiility
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