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I wish I had more advice about how to handle the throne room, but it is not something that I have done much with combat characters. I could discuss how I handle it with stealth characters if it's helpful.

The one time I was successful with a combat character, I walked up to Morgoth, used every buff I had, then hit him a couple of times. With the crown off I walked onto it, and then took 2-3 turns to pry the sil. After I got it, I used Exchange Places to get back to the stairs. My character was not as strong as the one posted on the ladder, so hopefully you will be successful as well.

It's spoilery, but I would be curious to see other methods for handling the throne room. Tyrael details a pretty interesting account of killing Morgoth as an Edain on his ladder character. I've seen other people say that they stay near the stairs and fight monsters until V shows up, so that they can escape quickly after prying the sil. I've seen Quickhatch's tutorial where he just picks up the dang crown and walks away with it, prying the sil on the floor above. Another option in the beta is to use a Horn of Force to knock off the crown, but I have not tried it myself.
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