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Originally Posted by jrodman View Post
Does this mean that a summoner's summoned things are hostile to the summoner? Or was there a bug where things summoned by already-hostile enemies were not hostile to summoners? (The former sounds more exciting, if unfair.)
"Monster" summons are hostile, that is when a monster uses its summon abilities (monster_spell.txt). In beta 2, I forgot to update a parameter in that file (% chance of summons being friendly) for the SUMMON effect, so everything summoned was friendly (the default).

"Player" summons (from spells or from scrolls/staves of summoning) are hostile or friendly depending on multiple things. Rogues get 5% chance of friendly summons from the Summon Monsters spell. Shapechangers get 10% chance of friendly summons from the Summon abilities. Base chance of getting a friendly summon is 100% for Summoners. After that, they get a chance of summon turning hostile based on level difference (mlvl - 5 vs clvl * 5), and a chance of getting a useful summon (one attacking other monsters) based on WIS (50% at 18, 100% at 18/***).
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