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Originally Posted by Bandobras View Post
Also, a gameplay feedback: the runes identification is great fun, but I'm staying around DL10 with a ranger, lugging 3 heavy unidentified weapons at speed -3, (in addition to 2 identified ones), I peeked and two are Slay Giant, one is *Slay Troll*, I'm swapping them before each new kind of fight to identify them either via damage dealt or received and I'm getting tired of the minigame at this point. No items of Identify in the shops nor in the dungeon. I know I can give such a weapon to a shop, but I'm too poor to buy it back. At this point I'd even buy overpriced rune identification service at a shop and be done with it, but I can't find such an option.
On the one hand it's hard to drop an un-ided weapon on the other it's worth considering: Is a weapon that slays nothing you fight & weighs more then you can carry really worth keeping? Once you've ided it are you going to use it? Or will you just drop it anyway.
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