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Originally Posted by Bandobras View Post
First, I couldn't get rid of the transparency and actually start playing until I quit and restarted for the first time.
What do you mean "get rid of transparency"?

Second, I can't get rid of the top row, the SDL menu.
It's always shown. I considered adding an option to hide it, but decided that it's small enough already.

If the "Top" option is supposed to show/hide it, it doesn't and it seems to have no effect.
This option is applied to terms (subwindows), and it means "always on top". This can be useful if you play with a mouse (except noone plays Angband with a mouse )
Someone really should write a readme
I am still pretty busy ATM, but hopefully soon I will find some time to work on the port. In the meantime, people, keep reporting about various issues!
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