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Level 21: 5-5. Detect a vault. Outside possible invisible monsters, the deepest foe is a forest wight. Unfortunately, the vault requires digging tools and I don't have any. Outside the vault was a Staff of Teleportation. Extremely important. Deeper I go, 7472.

Level 22: Murderous level. This is gonna be ugly. Possible ancient dragons here. Found my first !Restore Mana, drink it immediately as I was at 11 SP. I need mana NOW, not in my grave! Manticore detected. It's tough but nowhere near bad enough triggering Danger 8. Bolg also here.
Find staff of sleep monsters but leave it there. Too much weight atm even though I dropped the iron shots for now.
Manticore woke up without me knowing and interrupted my fight with ogres. Used second to last zap of that dragon’s flame wand. Iridescent beetle and Castamir are the reasons for the level feeling. I gotta get outta here. Enter level 23 with 8105 turns spent.

Level 23: Anxious feeling, lotsa uruks and forest trolls around. But nothing to trigger that feeling yet. It truly is starting to get anxious because I'm still going with just one spellbook. The level is another moria-level. 6-3 feeling, even more uruks and ogres. Fumbling down the stairs at 8641.

Level 24: 4-? level. Cornered in southeast, huge gang of dark hounds blocking the rest of the level. Use one _Tele charge. Left the level at 9085 after finding second tele staff and a rod of illumination.

Level 25: 5-? feeling. Vault detected and nothing too dangerous in there. Mage and a frost giant. But its disappointingly another + shaped vault that requires digging. Found +2 intelligence ring at least and took the stairs at 9656.

Level 26: Uldor, Lugdush, Ugluk and Nar here. Does seem rough even though I could probably kill them. Danger feelie 5. Found red dragon scale mail from a dropped chest. Proceed closer to stat gain levels. Turncount 9986. Aaaaand the game crashed.. Damn master version!!!
Started again from the beginning. Went to kill the monster that dropped the chest (illusionist). It wasn’t red dragon scale mail anymore, it was shield of elvenkind +2 stealth and poison resistance. Would’ve been jumping for joy if this hadn’t been a kobold. Hardcore ironman is basically ruined because of that crash but what can you do?

Level 27: Feelings are murderous. Reaching stat gain levels isn’t happening easily. Killed gorbatshov the captain and he dropped armor way too heavy for me. Bar chain mail of resistance. Spent way too much time here. Eventually found a vault in northwest corner but it was too much. Marilith, mature black dragon, scroll mimic and such. Whopping 11178 steps taken when entering level 28.

Level 28: 5-? and started with energy hound fight. Proceed and play sloppily. Let red scorpion take down my STR by one. Miscast partly responsible. Forced to fight huge pack of hounds to reach the stairs. Annoying. The hound game is on! 11904.

Level 29: Uneventful 5-2 level. Reached CL 26 and got my STR back. Stat gain levels reached at 12260.

Level 30: 6-? start. Low carrying capacity and lack of spells are really starting to cripple me. Nothing good here.

Level 31: 5-? I’m gonna kill Ulwarth here. Ulfang’s boys are notorious not dropping anything. Let’s see if this premise holds.
It did. He dropped absolutely nothing. Left the level

Level 32: 5-2. I’ve found 2 acquirement scrolls along the way. I’m gonna step down the stairs and read em on level 33. I know it’s probably too early, but desperation is starting to grow on me. Turn 13710.

Level 33: 5-5. Other acq scroll gave a junk short bow but the other one granted the game’s first artifact. Hard leather cap ‘Rilion’. It gives +3 INT, +4 DEX , +1 LIGHT and provides resistance to fire and blindness. AND IT HAS EVOCABLE STONE-TO-MUD. In other words, a great hat.
Level itself is infested with uniques: Lokkak, Mim, Mim’s kids. There was also a lone sorcerer on the level which woke up. Found THREE potions of intelligence. Got MAX SP boosted to 79.

Level 34: At turn 14125, I finally save the game on 5-? level.
Continue the game. Kill three uniques here (Bullroarer, Grisnahkh and Golfimbul). All drop forgettable weapons. Grisnakh dropped a Battle Axe of Acid, which I switch into for minor damage upgrade. Leave at 14779.

Level 35: 6-?. Uneventful, don’t explore much, just get some rod-detected items. Kill few mumaks and reach CL 28 HP 118 SP 85. Descend at 15265.

Level 36: Lantern of True Sight found after blinking away from still sleeping colbran. Level feeling 6-?. Little exploration reveals Gorlim. One turn at him on sight will probably end the game here. Another potion of intelligence. SP jumps to 119. IF ONLY I HAD JUST ONE MORE SPELLBOOK! Leave the place, hoping that Gorlim won’t spawn too soon again.

Level 37: 5-? level. Couple of detect monsters later, Anga & Sanga show their heads. Perfect depth to kill both of them and hope for winner items. Aaand a mystic around. Wakes up, summons an aranea among other shit and ruins the plot of approaching Umbar brothers. At least for now.
I use 2 speed potions to pelt the brothers. I forgot both were fire resistant. Aranea interrupts the fight. So does that fucking mystic. Both fall to fireballs and the Umbar bro’s still alive. Sanga drops a Phial, hope its better than my lantern. After ID, it doesn’t have Sinv or rBlind. So, It’s worse. Sanga also drops an artifact scimitar that has evocable telepathy but miserable damage. I’ll switch to it. Anga drops nothing worth even to shit upon. At 16031, gtfo.

Level 38: 5-4. Unimpressive level. Kill one 5-headed hydra, avoid black knights. Floor loot absolute zero from a small vault. Waste of time in this level. Had to resort to PD spam to reach the stairs. Down at 16918.

Level 39: Annoying 5-4 level. Nexus vortices everywhere. I got to identify rNex but with Hp this low, those breaths also do noticeable damage. Leave the place, supposedly nearing my doom.

Level 40: 5-3 Ancient dragons, black wraith, storm giants. Cannot deal with any of these so the best solution is to go deeper, right?. Still no spellbooks. Feeling a relief as I leave the level at 17632.

Level 41: 5-? once again. Drink my first enlightenment potion. 5-6 level, Shagrat spotted and nothing too bad elsewhere around the starting screen. lags like a mofo.
Minor treasure vault detected. Cannot go in without teleport other since it has both Vargo and the Queen Ant. Descend.

Level 42: Traditional 5-?, drink my second enlightenment. Next room has Gorlim and neekerbreeker next to each other. What a combo to wake up there, I thought.
Young gold dragon drops Attacks and Knowledge spellbook! In a same room I do find <+3> Ring of STR. Replace INT ring and finally get my elven cloak’s <+1> speed to show again. Horrible downstairs locations. Three stairs clustered and guarded by a night mare. I cannot teleport since there is awoken vampire lord other side of the level. PD spam screws up, I land next to the bone horse and right into a chain-confusion survival game. Lost most of my curewounds potions. But managed eventually to blink away. Area was also infested with black puddings, one willowisp and an ancient green dragon that LUCKILY never woke up. Descend.

Level 43: 7-5. High danger. Probably because of an animal pit that has nether hounds and one plasma hound. Even with the new spellbook, more and more monsters are a no-no because this measly low HP. Constitution is at 11 so its gonna take a lot of time to fix that up. Needed a speed potion to kill a lone nether wraith. Well, at least to lower the chance it won’t instakill me.

Level 44: 3-? and the first cavernous level. I hope the stairs are not out of reach. Glabrezu drops gauntlets of free action so finally I do have a handgear. Ditch boots of FA and switch to boots of stealth <+2> I’ve been carrying. Enter Heroic stealth and 145 AC. HP and speed are the main worries now. Well, when are they not? Exit cavern level at turn 19424. Find rod of magic mapping on my way to the stairs.

Level 45: 5-?. Find scroll of banishment close to entrance point. Leave soon after that. Unremarkable stuff.

Level 46: Kill some minor dragons. Greater basilisk guarding 3 stairs room. Spot another set of stairs in north. KKlimb down at turncount 20146.
Level 47: Ariel, AMHD, Vampire Lord detected upon arrival. It’s getting too
heavy. Stealth keeping me alive. If it fails, the game fails. SAVE here. I need to leave this place. Gonna rely on my staff of teleportation here.

Level 48: 5-3, dread pack, ancient dragons, floors low on items, descend deeper.

Level 49: 6-2 level. I started with killing some vrocks. Notice the Queen Ant. I guess I try killing her. Cannot reach QA because Ren the Unclean interrupts and nearly kills me. I also step on a summoning trap and now other side of the level has an awoke Dreadmaster. Descend.

Level 50: 4-4 level. Master mystic wakes up after just few turns on this level. Man, I hate those guys! Evading everything, desperately looking for items. Died to that motherfucking master mystic. Stupendously unlucky set of events. Phased next to it.
Epilogue: Never should have phase door’d without casting Detect Monsters first. The loot in general, was pretty weak. I did not find anything to Teleport Other with. I cannot help but think stealth kind of failed here. Although those mystics tend to wake up easily, no matter how quietly you tiptoe around.

EDIT 8th April 2019: I dunno what to say. Just don't play sloppy if you're relying on stealth and find nothing during an ironman game
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