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Equipment optimiser for frogcomposband characters

TLDR version is a website that takes in a HTML character dump from frogcomposband and tries to figure out what combination of equipment your character should wear given a set of constraints set by you.


Still interested? keep reading.

After uploading a HTML character dump, you can start defining constraints. There are currently 4 kinds of constraints:
  1. Item inclusions - equipment slot and associated equipment that must be included in the solution. For instance, you can define that the Jewel of Judgement must be included because you like its utility of clairvoyance and recall.
  2. Item exclusions - items matching a certain name to be excluded from consideration. For instance, monk characters should not be wearing heavy armour so you can specify 'Metal Brigandine', 'Bar Chain Mail' and the like to be excluded.
  3. Slot constraints - number and type of slots available for a character. For instance, weapon == 0 but left_arm == 1 for an unarmed, shield-carrying monk. Or ring == 6 for a monster character like Beholder.
  4. Attribute constraints - what attributes you would like the solution of equipment set to provide. For instance, you can specify that you would like to have at least speed 20, melee damage of +10 or above, telepathy, etc. from the equipment set. That is specified as Sp >= 20, Melee_Dmg >= 10, ~Tele >= 1.

Once you are done specifying the constraints, click on the 'Save' button and you will be presented with a listing of the constraints as well as a solution, if any. If the solution is not satisfactory, you can continue to add/remove/update the set of constraints. Sometimes the system will not be able to provide a solution and it will say "Status: infeasible". This happens when the available set of equipment is really not able to achieve the given set of constraints or when you have accidentally added contradicting constraints, e.g. St >= 4 and St <= 3.

See the attached screen capture for my monk character as an example.

This website is a work in progress so feel free to give feedback, comments, report bugs.
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