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Originally Posted by ShadowTechnology View Post
Or possibly it attempts to do that for you, and presents it's estimate of the one best solution from among those that meet your minimal requirements?
Yes, that's what it does. It looks at all possible combinations that meet the minimal requirements. For each of these combinations, it naively does a sum of the attribute pluses and minuses of each equipment set and the equipment set with the highest sum is selected and presented as the solution.

That's usually not optimal at the start since the solution will favor equipment that gives the highest pluses and minuses, e.g. Rings of Archery, which might not be what you want. So you start adding more item exclusions and attribute constraints. For instance it was giving me too much stealth previously so I ended up specifying Sl <= 8 or increase other requirements like Sp until it gives you something that looks more reasonable.
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