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Martial Arts - Slot Armor penalty

I'm not talking the total weight limit, although I would love if there could be an indicator somewhere of Max Weight limit.

But what I've not seen documented is the per slot penalty.
For example. At CL 2, I got a set of padded armor {5, +2}
Naked I had AC 3, with the armor on my armor went to AC 6. A -4 AC penalty
When I reached Clvl 6, my naked armor was AC 17, wielding the same padded armor and my rating went to AC 15. A -9 AC penalty.

Hands @ CL6 is -3 AC
Feet @ CL6 is -2 AC
Head @ CL6 is -1 AC

The only slot that seems to be free of any overt penalty is the Cloak

edit: I seem to vaguely recall the Slot penalty from way back in Zangband??
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