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Originally Posted by Saru View Post
So in theory I could slow a monster -15?
No, only -12. You can get to -10 from either binary or incremental slow, but the two types don't combine fully.

Anyway, what does that weird pattern in "the renegade sorcerer" quest do? I seem to remember being confused by it in my last playthrough, and I'm nearing that quest again so I thought I'd ask.
The patterns are an Amber thing. You can only walk a pattern in order, you cannot cross it or step away from it until you've reached the end (although you can teleport away). Squares near the end of the pattern usually have special effects, like fully curing you of everything or allowing you to teleport in various ways. There's also some special interaction between the pattern and player Amberites.

The pattern in that quest is pretty out of place, usually they are much longer and you only see them in large vaults.
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