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Not specific to Frog, but it seems to only affect PCB and its descendants.

I play on a 1920x1080 screen. I have a large Game window on the left (Term0)
while on the right I have stacked 3 windows, Inventory (Term1), Monster List (Term2), and Messages (Term3). Inventory sized to display all slots a-z, Monster just 12 lines, Messages set to 25 full lines.

However, every time I restart the game the Term 1-3 windows lose a few pixels of height and width. Inv & Messages cutting the text on the bottom line in half. Eventually, it seems to stop shrinking after trimming the entire bottom line off the windows and portions of another.

Any clue what is happening and how it might be fixed?
I've been living with this since 2015 or so, and it annoys the hell out of me.
In the SS the Term1-3 used to have no gap between them and the game window. The windows overlapping so only a horizontal sliver of white was between them. And the bottom message was a full line.

Ah damn... my image host no longer allows linking unless I pay $$$
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