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Originally Posted by budswell View Post
Yep, I find this mildly annoying too. Wish I could open file and play without having to fiddle with window sizes. But then 30 seconds later I'm playing and don't think about it. I always assumed it was my fault for changing font (I play in courier-11)
While I am sorry it is happening to you as well, I am glad it isn't just me.
I use the default font and just adjust the sizes, Lucida Console Bold-18 for the game, and the default Courier-11 for the side windows.

Yes, it just takes a few seconds to fix. But I still wonder, I have never seen window creep in any other application or game.
One time the main window position got randomly shoved from 0/0 out to like 30,000/30,000. Needed to edit the .ini
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