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Originally Posted by Saru View Post
In the faq file it states that life points can be recovered through vampiric attacks. I've used wands of vampirism to restore lost life points in the past, so I was a little puzzled when the 'vampiric drain' spell on my current sorcerer failed to do so. Is this intended, and only wands and melee can restore life points?
I think vampirism true does restore life points, that's why it's called vampirism true Note that vampiric drain, unlike wands and melee, feeds the player.

Edit: sort of forgot I've been meaning to ask about invulnerability. Is it always a 12/13 chance to resist damage, or do stronger or unique monsters get a better chance at breaking through? And is there ever a way for the player to get a spell akin to psycho spear to pierce the invulnerability that angels cast? (or dispel magic, that works too)

Thanks again!
Pretty sure it's a flat 12/13 chance. There might be some special mechanic for some specific monster, but I don't remember any.

Mindcrafters (and monster-mode Angels) get their own psycho-spears, and Axemasters get a melee attack that ignores invulnerability.

Regular characters can "hope" to find a death scythe, as they penetrate invulnerability, but they're also, well, death scythes... So a more practical hope is to find Dragonchip, or just to wait out the invulnerability.
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