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Originally Posted by Saru View Post
Is there a formula for how likely is death ray to work on a given monster? And what should I be using mass stasis (sorcery) for? I feel like it could be good, but just haven't used it much.
Monsters resist your death rays if (monster race level + 1d20) > 1dX, where X is CL*2 plus spellpower adjustments (Fell Sorcery, +spellpower/-spellpower equipment, etc). Uniques have an additional 887 in 888 chance to resist.

I used mass stasis on more or less everybody pre-nerf, but the nerf did hit its usefulness quite a bit. You can experiment on what situations it works best in now, but higher-level monsters are more likely to resist; so the most obvious use case is monsters who are not-that-high-level but still dangerous enough to matter, say a spectral tyrannosaurus or an iron lich.
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