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Originally Posted by Saru View Post
I have a bug (I think?) that's fairly easy to reproduce. When polymorphing into a demon as a dark elf sorcerer, the game sometimes fails to reevaluate my mana pool unless I swap a piece of equipment. Once it does, and I loose the dark elf bonus to sp, I rested until the polymorph ended. The game again forgets to reevaluate the pool unless you remove equipment and put it back on. Possibly exploitable one way (having more mana than you should as demon form) and annoyingly detrimental the other way.
Confirmed and fixed, thanks.

(as an aside, for mass stasis, assuming I successfully 'hit' an enemy with it, how long are they held for? Is there a formula for this as well? I haven't gotten an enemy held for more than 1-2 turns, which doesn't seem terribly useful when it's so hard to get the monster to fail the save in the first place.)
It usually lasts for 2 monster turns, sometimes 3. You should have seen it in earlier versions, it was gamebreakingly overpowered
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