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Have never really gotten far with this game, and have a few questions. Not sure if anyone still plays this game, as the developer appears to have gone silent. A pity since the game has so much potential.

1. Is there an approximate guide of where to go at what character level? I'm having trouble finding what dungeons to go to, etc, especially with the somewhat complex world map, and fear of not being able to make it back from certain areas.

2. Runes: Is there a list of what runes do what? I have no Idea what applying any of these do, and there seems to be no effect when I try them on random items. Only result I've ever gotten was turning some rod into a curing one with a rune of blood I think?

3. Spell system / realms?: Looking in debug mode, there are so many books, with different themes, but there appears to be some sort of invisible cap on what spells / how many realms a character can learn from. Is there a way to 'unlearn' or give up spells from a realm to free up possibilities for further learning, or do you softlock a character without initially forgoing all but the most essential books?

Any general explanation of game mechanics, especially spells and books is welcome

Clearing levels one spell at a time.
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