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Originally Posted by Rune View Post
Hello! I got the quest 'Djinni's Cavern' and the quest giver states "I've heard rumours that the djinni might become friendly again if offered peppermint leaves; so if you have any that could be an alternative way to deal with it." But I've never seen mint leaves or anything of the sort in game before. Is this an actual thing or just a King's Quest joke? And if they are in the game, how do I give them to the djinn?
It's just a King's Quest joke, there are no mint leaves anywhere in the game. Well done recognizing what it references

Another thing: how the hell are you supposed to get a Blue Mage off the ground? I tried several times but I don't even know where to get low level spells. I tried waiting for novice mages or something outside Outpost, but it was fruitless. I just keep end up playing a sub par melee guy who dies quickly. Is Blue Mage a bad class or am I missing something? Thanks.
Novice mages are a good starting point, but another enemy you can be on the lookout for is... snagas! Snagas shoot, and you can actually learn that as a spell.

Offensive wands will also help you in the early going; you start with -MagicMissile and that's better than nothing, but once you have a bit of money you can buy a wand of Frost Bolts from the magic shop. If you really struggle to get a blue mage going, you can try picking the Noble personality just for the additional starting money.

I would suggest exploring Warrens, maybe even Hideout, rather than the wilderness; more cover if things go wrong, and more random money lying around for you to buy supplies with. In the wilderness it's harder to pick your fights until you can teleport around at will.
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