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tome 2.4.1 segfaulting in Gondor Library and when using mimicry without a cloak

I'm playing tome as the version in the debian repository ("2.4.1 (ah, git)") and the game crashes mhen I use mimicry without using a cloak of mimicry (error code segfault). When entering the library in Gondor, I get the following error message.

/build/tome-v2f8JF/tome-2.41-ah~0.git.20200131/src/z-rand.hpp:95: typename C::const_iterator uniform_element(const C&) [with C = std::vector<store_item>; typename C::const_iterator = __gnu_cxx::__normal_iterator<const store_item*, std::vector<store_item> >]: Assertion `!c.empty()' failed.

can I fix that?
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