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Several questions about rules, with my proposed answers. Please discuss, if you disagree.

1. Can I play the same character after death using the quickstart feature, instead of overwriting the savefile with the initial compo savefile?

I think, yes. The submitted savefile has no determined initial shops (just walk differently to the first shop), so the only difference would be bigger monster memory and different social status. I guess you could refrain from using social class 100 savefile (just quit and quickstart again), but otherwise there is really no big difference and the monster memory provides a lot of comfort in the long run, because you don't have to use spoilers or code-dive.

2. Can I use spells from any other set of initial basic 4 mage books (e.g. the Book of Cantrips or the Book of Curses)?

No. There seems to be an exploit that allows you to learn those spells, after telling you that you cannot learn them, but it's just a bug (I think). However, Song Books are very valuable for Druids and perfectly legal, especially the first song book...

3. Can I play the SVN version instead of wip7b?

I think, yes, because there are no really big changes so far. When/if wip7c is released everybody will be able to switch (but I'd propose the switch to be voluntary).

4. Can I change options?

Yes, all except Birth and Cheat (auto-scum is under Birth).

5. Can I scum the siege of Hornburg?

I think, yes, this is just gaming the system.

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