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Originally Posted by andrewdoull View Post
And random artifacts - which may make a big difference to the play through. But, as I mention on my blog, this is as much a matter of trust.
Oh, indeed, playing subsequent incarnations until random artifacts are excellent and from then on only replaying the same savefile would be cheating. Though it's not as crucial as when all artifacts are randomized.

I like the fact that there's a battlefield open to the starting player. I'm just not sure that it should be the siege of Hornburg...
It's from LOTR straight away and only visiting two locations is needed, though the visiting has consequences, unlike the siege which has no result. For the next version, I'd remove all the levels beneath siege, made it harder (some trolls, some bad men), allow to enter it only once and made some reward if the guardian is slain (e.g. access to an optional location with treasure). BTW, I like how the Battle of Five Armies is gradually opened. Perhaps add also a battle (the one of 2941) of mages against ghosts at Dol Guldur so that moving on to LOTR and setting loose all the Nazgul is not so trivial as it's now? The victorious battle essentially only "stirred up" the evil, so it generally agrees with the current description of Dol Guldur.

Edit: or perhaps block Paths of the Dead if you fail the Siege? BTW, Currently Paths are anyway blocked forever if you visit Darkened Isengard. Just ading Q:29:249 to the Siege right now would make it too easy to get to Minas Tirith, OTOH.

Edit: or perhaps reopen Edoras with its great shops after winning the Siege? Similarly to Lake Town. I can try to do this for the next version, if you don't come up with something more original.

Edit: OTOH the trade-offs right now are OK: if you visit Dol Guldur you can scum the Siege, but you lose the Paths' treasure and the easiest way to Minas Tirith. The more reason to make Dol Duldur harder to trigger by newbies...

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