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Originally Posted by debo View Post
I think it would probably be easier to talk about things that poschengband doesn't have, rather than the things that it does -- the cardinality of the first set is much smaller
Hmm, let's see...

ASCII-art hentai tentacle monsters, a complete playable recreation of Super Mario Bros. 3, first-person perspective mode, pop-up ads, "the cake is a lie" jokes, photon torpedoes, Sephiroth/Duke Nukem yaoi, infinitely respawning clones of Morgoth, random strafing runs from the Millennium Falcon, a day-night cycle that repeats 1000 times per player turn, orc breeding pits where the orcs are replaced with black people, exploding galaxies...

You sure about that?

(Though I did have to be careful though - who knows, it might have non-ASCII-art hentai tentacle monsters, or "arrow to the knee" jokes!)
You read the scroll labeled NOBIMUS UPSCOTI...
You are surrounded by a stasis field!
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